Stablecoin strategy to follow in uniswap to make upto 300% APY from home without doing anything

Stablecoin strategy to follow in uniswap to make upto 300% APY from home without doing anything
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We may be born in a world where the banks pay us 2% - 5% on our savings or the way people call them "secure investments". People often find ways to put their money in a safer environment and enjoy what it pays. But with the advent of Uniswap, it's much easier to make even up to 200% ROI every year.

For people who are not aware of what Uniswap is? 

It is a revolution in the decentralized finance space. Back then in 2017, the decentralized exchanges find it very difficult to hold their place in the exchange marketplace due to higher transaction time for the trades to be executed. But with uni swap, the trades got a new version of the decentralized world. The volumes rocketed to billions of dollars in a few months.

Uniswap allows two users to exchange their currencies without an intermediary or a centralized matching engine.

So two people are involved how do I make money?

The uni swap is built around the concept of liquidity providers. It is not possible to search for real-time orders to match the incoming order. So what Uniswap does is it asks the liquidity providers to put up some upfront funds to Uniswap to make the swaps frictionless and pays the liquidity provider for his work.

I don't get this, just show me how to make money

Forget the rest, in uni swap, it's that simple. Just add your funds to their liquidity pool and see your assets grow every day. But there are issues like impermanent losses and volatility there which makes the statement "Riskier Investment Yields More Profit" absolutely true.

Impermanent Loss in Uniswap

Impermanent loss happens when you provide liquidity to a liquidity pool, and the price of your deposited assets changes compared to when you deposited them. The bigger this change is, the more you are exposed to impermanent loss. Also, if the price of the asset you staked falls in price you will suffer losses.

But we at Blockonomist, after days of research found a way to earn 200% APY without the risk of impermanent losses or volatility come true. The strategy will be explained to people through our social media handle. Just say "hi" to us on Twitter or Instagram to learn the hack of earning 200% APY with 0 risks from home. We also provide you a live demo.