Stani Kulechov, the Founder of Aave, aims to grow DeFi by Angel Investing

Stani Kulechov, the Founder of Aave, aims to grow DeFi by Angel Investing
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The thought of Stani Kulechov of angel investing can bring up a distraction in leading his company, coz Aave is one of the topmost money markets in decentralized finance(Defi).

As attention on Aave seems to be well spent: 

Last year, Aave only has a few million dollars since it raised, becoming the second-largest Defi Ethereum with over $3 billion cryptos committed to its smart contracts. Over the last year, Kulechov has also been investing in something like three dozen projects; it is looking clear that his posture investing has been changed. Kulechov told CoinDesk in an interview that he thinks everyone should do angel investing in the space, especially when someone gained.

Kulechov used to justify devoting part of his time to angel investing because he has come to see a watchful move for his company. It is like the internet, once enough people started using it and start relying on tech stack, it becomes nearly impossible to yank it back out of their hands. These are the words  Kulechov that when the ecosystem is big enough, he believes it is challenging that point to fight against the technology.

The Dark Forest

The word ecosystem gets blown around a lot, but Aave founder found it uniquely apt in Defi. As we all know, things are living off each other but also supporting each other, and species evolve in a specific context, everything is related with each other and sees the same thing happening with Ethereum.

This means An ecosystem means you are sharing things. We are sharing what we are consuming and that we are supplying, and we are doing all these three things together. Kulechov said that we have smart contracts, and we have composability, but also we have an element of human composability.

Kulechov said that he likes to ask them what they are looking to build next and then maybe after that. He needed to look out for a fertile mind, which is ever ready to innovate because that's the only way to adding value.