Stratos STOS Gets Listed on AscendEX

Stratos STOS Gets Listed on AscendEX
Image Source: Twitter (@Stratos_Network)
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AscendEX has announced the Listing of Stratos token (STOS) under the trading pair (STOS/USDT). To celebrate the same, AcendEX and the Stratos team will launch several promotional events between November 23 to November 31, where users will get a chance to share STOS pooled rewards worth 80,000 USDT. The two main events to be conducted by AscendEX and Stratos are:

  1. STOS Net Buy Challenge: Only users who will buy and maintain a net amount of at least 200 STOS will be eligible to win the rewards under this challenge.
  2. Complete Tasks to Share 50,000 USDT worth of STOS Rewards: There will be three tasks under this challenge, users who complete all of them will be eligible to win the rewards in STOS. Pooled rewards will be capped at 50,000 USDT and distributed to the users who complete the task on a first- come- first- serve basis.

Terms and conditions:

  • Users must have a genuine AscendEX account.
  • Users can only participate through their own account; users cannot use a sub-account.
  • The rewards will be distributed to the winners after 15 days of the event's conclusion.
  • Every participant must follow AscendEX rules. Any user violating the rules will be removed from the event.

What is AscendEX? 

AscendEX, launched in 2018, is a global cryptocurrency platform with a comprehensive product troupe that includes future trading and spot margin, wallet services and staking support for over 200 blockchain projects, including bitcoin, ether and ripple. Currently, it has over 1 million global clients. AscendEX has emerged as a leading platform on its 'initial exchange offerings' by supporting some of the most innovative projects from the DeFi ecosystem, such as Thorchain, xDai Stake, etc. 

Security Token Offering (STO) 

Security token offering is a tokenised IPO, or it can be said to be a public offering in which tokenised digital securities are sold in security token exchange platforms. 

Stratos STOS

Stratos is the next generation of decentralised Data Mesh that provides scalable, reliable,self-balanced storage, database and computation network. The purpose of Stratos is to scale blockchain process capacity and retain the decentralised benefits of a distributed protocol which includes trustless, traceability, verifiability, privacy, etc. Stratos is a type of data infrastructure specifically designed to provide a trustless solution for decentralised storage, which allows blockchain developers to get rid of monopolised centralised cloud services.

Stratos uses Proof-of-Traffic algorithms for rewarding infrastructure participants and contributors in accordance with network traffic. In this ever-expanding digital economy, the Stratos network has been steadily positioned to support data storage and adoption for developers and users. Stratos uses its blockchain to measure the usage of computation storage, network traffic and uses the Practical Byzantine Fault- Tolerant consensus algorithm (PBFT) to integrate the network Proof- of- Traffic consensus algorithm deeply. 

Stratos is a community-driven platform, which is closer to the user and supports data of all types and sizes. It is a scalable and self adaptable database with permanent, accelerated and high availability of storage.