The Bitcoin of Burger

The Bitcoin of Burger
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KFC has jumped on board with bitcoin, followed by Burger King which isn't simply keen on accepting bitcoin. It needs to be bitcoin. 

The burger chain declared back in August 2017 that it will be launching its own cryptocurrency to control its loyalty scheme. 

For each one ruble that a client spends, they get a Whoppercoin directly to their BK wallet. When clients have amassed 1,700 Whoppercoins, they can trade their virtual cash for a whopper burger. Or on the other hand, on the other hand, they can sell and exchange their burger-purchasing money in WavesGo platform. 

In spite of a solid beginning, the Whoppercoin trend faded away quickly. As indicated by BitInfoCharts, the cost of a Whoppercoin has tumbled from $0.14 in September 2017 to under $0.002 in January 2018.