The Crypto Crackhouse

The Crypto Crackhouse
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The ability of cryptocurrency to make a person wealthy within a very short span of time, has made people crazy. This platform for investment has now become a way of life. 

In San Francisco, a residential building has become a cryptographic money fixated apartment for young investors. With the arrangement of an AARP part and the clothing, living quarters, diet, and aura of a NCAA competitor, these youths are taking this entire way of life higher than ever. 

A New York Times report states that the Crypto Crackhouse inhabitants may have total assets in millions, yet are living in the sparsest of conditions while fanatically following million-dollar gains and misfortunes every day. It is worrying them, making an environment of suspicion and frenzy. 

"It's unforgiving," said Joe Buttram, former MMA contender and a crypto investor, to the New York Times. "You commit one error and it's totally gone." 

The occupants of this home are telling that everyday life is analogous to the pump and dump of cryptocurrencies.