The cryptoqueen scam

The cryptoqueen scam
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In 2016, a podcast named ‘the missing cryptoqueen’ hosted by Catt and Jamie Bartlett became suddenly popular. The podcast talks about the One Coin scam.

Catt and Bartlett were snared on the One Coin scam, with its exciting twists in the stories of standard individuals who lost everything. The main such individual they met was Jen McAdam who put away her own cash as well as persuaded her family to contribute to up to £220,000 as an investment in One Coin. They were deceived by its founder, Bulgarian-born Dr Ruja Ignatova, who went to ground in 2017 as law requirements started giving her organization a hard time. Ignatova was expected to go to an occasion in Lisbon, yet loaded onto a plane to Athens and vanished. Her sibling Konstantin has since been confined by the FBI. 

The podcast weaves the exciting story of Ignatova, a stylish, business person who pulled in huge crowds to her One Coin lectures. 

They have spoken about her intelligent way of out witting people through this scam. "She is an inconceivably captivating individual," said Bartlett. "She is unbelievably bold in an odd kind of way, and a strange figure of fixation to the individuals that follow her. Our perspective on her went from 'paper slender front individual' to 'staggeringly shrewd and exceptionally gifted' to 'a specialist in managing in the hazy situation of life', and discovering holes in rules and laws." The podcasters wonder if the Cryptoqueen may be out there some place, tuning in to their voices. "I figure she is," says Catt.