The KFC Bitcoin Bucket

The KFC Bitcoin Bucket
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Given a bitcoin exchange can take hours to be affirmed and accompanies a heavy exchange fee, utilizing bitcoin to purchase chicken is a bit tedious. You will probably pay twofold the expense of your actual dinner, waiting for hours for the bitcoin to clear, and for your food to show up. However, KFC chose to experiment with payment options using bitcoin. 

KFC presented a limited-edition Bitcoin Bucket, containing 10 pieces of chicken, fries, sauce and two dips. The cost of this bucket was 20 CAD. However, Canadian dollars were not accepted, as an alternative to Bitcoin.

The high exchange expenses didn't discourage hungry bitcoin financial specialists.  They're extremely, rich and wanted to try the option. As a result, the Bitcoin bucket became viral. At present, we don't know whether they will run the promotion again, however, the food chain may be persuaded by its bitcoin balance when the installments clear.