Top 5 Metaverse Coins Below $1 to Watch in 2022

Top 5 Metaverse Coins Below $1 to Watch in 2022
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Metaverse was the hottest trend in the cryptocurrency space in 2021. Various projects that focused on metaverse grabbed the attention of many investors. 2022 will have more buzz on metaverse and that is because they have a lot of development on the dotted line for the current year. Since there were many multi-baggers last year, here are some that can give exactly or perhaps more returns than the ones that launched year.

Bloktopia (BLOK)

Bloktopia is backed and built by Polygon, one of the largest blockchains on earth. Bloktopia is currently trading at 0.04082 USD. As per many reports, Bloktopia can be the bet of 2022. As per the current price, if you buy the coin for $100 today, you will get Blok coins around 2450. The predictions given by for the next five years is around 0.514 USD. Thus, your $100 will become around $1260 in 2027.

Meta (HERO)

Metahero is indeed a hero as they offer futuristic near enough opportunities using modelling technology and 3D scanning where one can easily create real assets move into the metaverse. The coin targets demographics including social media influencers, online fashion portals, professional sportspersons, and celebrities among others. By spending just a few Hero coins, you can create an Ultra HD Avtar. The coin is seeing a huge potential as these are still early days for meta hero.


EPIK Prime is a negative territory as of now and is 0.229 USD. The market cap is less and therefore the prices are manipulated by large investors. Undoubtedly, EPIK Prime has given its investors a negative return in short term but the long-term prospect is not bad. The business model is superb and once it enters the positive territory or the trend turns into positive, one might see an upsurge. It is a little risky bet but the one that has already devalued quite a bit and has the acumen of being a nice long-term bet is what many analysts have predicted. EPIK Prime deals in blockchain games and for the coin, the sky is the limit.

Star (Atlas)

If there’s a coin that has attracted investors globally in the recent past then that is Star Atlas. Star Atlas business model is unique as they are dealing in video games' future where they reward players for hours spent exploring. This is the first coin or a business model in which you have to spend a petty amount of Star Atlas coin in exchange for playing video games. Star Atlas is currently trading around 0.0793 USD. It is expected to at least double in a few months' time and if one can hold them then this can be turn out to be a profitable investment.


RedFOX Labs is currently developing business models for emerging markets of Southeast Asia. RedFOX is a blockchain company and it has received bids from many investment giants from the UK and the US. RedFOX is currently trading at 0.1065 USD and the price prediction of wallet investors for the coin is 0.363 USD. Means a return of around 250% in five years span. Hence, RFOX is as good a long-term bet that one can take at this point in time as what many investors believe.

Closing Thoughts

Metaverse is the fastest developing in the blockchain industry and digital money space. There are n number of opportunities in the metaverse space and if many companies or the fund houses that deal in cryptocurrency are to be believed then the above-mentioned coins can give a huge return to their investors.