Unicly Raises $10M Before the Launch of v2.

Unicly Raises $10M Before the Launch of v2.
Image Source: Twitter (@uniclyNFT)
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Unicly fractionalized non-fungible token (NFT) platform and a key player in the NFT space has raised $10 million for the launch of Unicly v2. The amount is led by Blockchain Capital and Animoca Brands. Unicly released its mainnet in April and invited financial investment from numerous VCs consisting of 3Commas Capital, Blockchain Capital, Animoca Brands, Morningstar Ventures and Ascensive Assets. 

"NFTs are going to become a multi-trillion dollar asset class, and the world needs to build the infrastructure required to support that. Unicly is shaping up to be a pillar of the industry by providing an added framework to deepen liquidity," says Yat Siu, the executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands. 

Within a short period, Unicly has become one of the best NFT fractionalization platforms; the investors have conveyed their faith and confidence in Unicly's promises. 

Trading NFT has been simplified, and the upcoming steps taken by companies will aim to introduce new and innovative features and models, including the Unicly DAO, democratize the most exciting sector in crypto, and achieve the ambitious milestones set out in their roadmap.


Unicly, built by NFT collectors and enthusiasts, it is a platform to combine, fractionalize and trade NFTs. Users can transform their NFT collection into tradable assets with guaranteed liquidity. Unicly combines NFT auctions, farming, computerized market manufacturers (AMMs) and decentralized governance to create the best trading platform and NFT gallery one could ever imagine. Everyone has a place on Unicly: Yield farmers, Traders, Designers/Artists/Content Creators, Casual Investors, Collectors and more! The regular investors can purchase shards, while defi yield farmers can earn rewards in exchange for liquidity. Meanwhile, creators can trade their own NFT collection. 

Key Features

  • Tokenize: Users can combine any number of NFTs of any size and make it tradable.
  • Trade: Through uTokens, users can buy stakes in multiple NFTs or own shards of various NFTs.
  • Mix: Unicly is compatible with any type of NFTs.
  • Farm: On the farm page, users having uTokens can stake their LP tokens to earn more UNIC. Users can also stake more UNIC to get xUNIC which can be converted for more UNIC over time.

Unicly has its own token with the name UNIC; it has a total supply of 1 million. Users can farm UNIC by staking safe listed LP tokens or staking UNIC to earn more UNIC. Users can find uToken collections on Discover. One can look through the collection and put up a bid if you find the NFTs you like. You can buy some uTokens if you want a piece of the whole collection. As a uToken holder, you can manage the cluster. If you believe that the total value of the bids on the pool is high enough for the collection, you should stake your uTokens to unlock the NFTs. Once enough people stake, you can redeem your uTokens for some of the NFT auction proceeds. Unlike Unicly, Unicly v2 is a whole new model for fractionalization, and a comprehensive UX/UI is proposed to be launched by the end of the year.