Viblos to Launch Their Beta in March 2022

Viblos to Launch Their Beta in March 2022
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Viblos: A blockchain-based social network is all set to revolutionize the traditional social media network. Viblos will deploy its beta version by March 2022, while the complete rollout will occur by the end of 2022. Viblos is a democratic and free social network for youths and companies to create wealth using a token of value. Apart from being a social network, Viblos allows its users to interact with investors, create Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and tokenize advertising.

The traditional social media platforms have emerged as industry leaders, providing a platform to many content creators. However, with not much income through these social media platforms and strict policies, creators cannot perform to their full potential. Secondly, there are always privacy issues that are yet to be resolved by these social media giants as everyone wants to earn money through advertisement.

The centralized nature of these traditional social media platforms has led to the emergence of decentralized networks like Viblos - which aims to be a democratized social network and provide its users with excellent sources of earning passive income. It aims to counter all the problems of traditional social media using democracy, decentralization and blockchain technology.

Initially, Viblos will issue around three billion tokens, out of which only 20% will belong to the founders, which assures its users that the founder will not give trillions of tokens to vary the price. From the remaining 80%, 60% will be reserved for rewarding users, 10% will go to early investors, 5% will be utilized in marketing and promotions and the remaining 5% to the specialists and advisors.

The core of Viblos is that their users and the creators can generate revenue by broadcasting their content. Viblos will never share your personal information at any cost, and you can delete your data anytime. The best part is. Viblos's doesn't depend on user data for it's revenue process; therefore, if a user decides to participate in advertising programs, they'll earn money, as the revenue generated by advertisements will be shared to the content creators & consumers of those advertisements. Viblos allows entrepreneurs and artists to approve their projects or art before introducing them to the market.

Viblos allows you to monetize your interactions if you're a user, whereas a content creator can tokenize them. It is a platform where people with similar interests can share then content, ideas and expertise. Users on viblos can control the access to their data and profile as the security of the user profile is maintained by Viblos' usage of cryptography. Users can always decide the level of protection they want; the communications on Viblos are encrypted. A part of Viblos' social network is built on a blockchain model, which ensures the secrecy of P2P information exchange.

Viblos is a tokenized social network, with VIBLO being its fundamental unit. It supports decentralized interactions based on democracy and freedom of expression; they'll never censor anyone for having different opinions.