Warner Music Group and The Sandbox Come Together to Bring a Musical Virtual Concert

Warner Music Group and The Sandbox Come Together to Bring a Musical Virtual Concert
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Metaverse and NFTs are the buzzwords these days, and metaverse makes more sense when artists face the cancellation of music concerts due to a global pandemic. Therefore, Warner Music Group (WMG) has finalized its first deal in the metaverse sector with The Sandbox to keep up with the trends in the digital entertainment industry. WMG owns popular music properties like Elektra, Atlantic, Parlophone and Warner Records. At the same time, The Sandbox is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain famous for NFTs and gaming.

Warner group has acquired the beachfront estate on The Sandbox metaverse to use it as a portal for artists to make digital appearances. The estate will act as a concert venue and a musical theme park where artists will perform for their fans as virtual avatars. The virtual theme park will consist of various musical experiences and star-studded concerts. The Sandbox will also conduct a virtual land sale in March for the fans to purchase concert properties.

The Sandbox is shaping itself as an entertainment destination where fans, creators and players can enjoy immersive experiences by connecting themselves to their favourite artists. This partnership with Warner Music Group will bring metaverse closer to community-driven and fan-owned initiatives.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual world online gaming platform based on blockchain technology that allows its users to build, create, buy or sell digital assets through a game. The Sandbox has created a decentralized platform for the ever-growing gaming industry by combining NFTs with decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). The company has also launched The Sandbox Metaverse Accelerator Program to help and support startups. The top-performing businesses will receive $150,000 in grants from SAND and LAND.

Recently many international artists have tried their hands into virtual performances, such as Ariana Grande, Travis Scott and Marshmello. The T-series has also announced its entry into metaverse by partnering with Hungama Digital in India. Earlier this week, Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi became the first Indian artist to perform on partynite.metaverse, an Indian metaverse.