You Can Now Earn Cryptocurrencies for Watching Movies with BitTorrent

You Can Now Earn Cryptocurrencies for Watching Movies with BitTorrent
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When you try to download some larger files directly through a host server, the experience is usually prolonged, and you have to wait for a longer time. One way to download those files quickly is the use of torrent clients. Torrenting is always an excellent way to download large files, including videos and software, and that too, very quickly and efficiently.

Now the features of different torrent clients are different. One of the best torrent clients that can provide you with a great user experience is BitTorrent.

Three most crucial factors to look for in a torrent client:

With a lot of torrent sites available online, it becomes essential to find the best site.

· The first and foremost thing that you must consider is the Speed of download.

· The next thing that should be considered is the variety that a particular site has to offer you.

· Another crucial factor to consider is the security of the platform. Note that you should never leave your data exposed to have a safer experience with torrenting.

Released in 2001, BitTorrent is a P2P torrent and file sharing platform and is currently the most significant decentralized communication protocol in the world. The platform has added many new tools with time, and its native token, BTT, is one of them. Released in 2001, BTT is currently priced at $0.002458 with a 1.42% decrease within 24-hours. The token can be seen to have a massive growth since the time it was launched.

BitTorrent is in demand since the early 2000s because it was a way to save your money by getting songs and movies for free, and you need not spend money to buy CDs for movies. Indeed it was an excellent application of BitTorrent because you were not required to pay money for that. Currently, BitTorrent has several other uses as well. The platform offers torrent downloaders and BitTorrent Speed & BitTorrent File System powered by BTT token.

You get faster downloads, and in return, you are rewarded with BTT tokens. Now, what makes it interesting is that you can get rewarded by just watching the content. Using Dlive, which is the streaming community of blockchain, you can earn BTT rewards. The aim of BitTorrent is to disrupt the legacy of the entertainment industry.

Which wallets are best suited for BitTorrent?

The popularity of BTT is indeed increasing since the start of the year, and many investors are looking further for its potential. If you also wish to buy BitTorrent, you must be aware of some excellent wallets from which you can buy it. Here, we are listing two of the best wallets to buy BTT:

TronLink: It is an open-source wallet for the TRON ecosystem, and the founder of TRON officially recommends it. It is an extension of Chrome which has made access to TRON Blockchain easier.

Guarda Wallet: Guarda wallet can help you store many different crypto coins, and BTT is one of them. The wallet is supporting the BTT airdrop program since 2020. The Guarda wallet is known to be the most secure wallet for accessing BTT and other digital tokens.

BitTorrent has many similarities to Bitcoin in terms of users’ protection and decentralized information sharing. It has become very prominent in the industry after the launch of the BTT token. The coin is definitely under-rated, and its price could soon go to its new heights.